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At Grand Slam Physiotherapy, we are committed to optimizing your treatment outcome and making you strong and active. We use innovative and individualized treatment techniques to achieve your goals.

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Grand Slam Physiotherapy provides a friendly and highly professional boutique style service where your needs are met in a clinic that has state-of-the-art facilities.

We are leaders in Sports Physiotherapy, innovative, have state-of-the-art facilities and are there for you. When you book an appointment with us, you can expect a caring and friendly smile. We will be listening attentively to you to provide an accurate diagnosis, a thorough treatment plan with full explanations and pain relief from your first treatment.

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Ben Herde

Master of Sports Physiotherapy, Bachelor of Physiotherapy/Exercise Science

The Grand Slam Physiotherapy Team

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Our experienced team of health professionals have the qualifications, skills and practical experience to deliver high quality diagnosis, management and rehabilitation.

We have a reputation for treating difficult physical conditions and our clients value our knowledge and experience.

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Should you require physiotherapy treatment, please feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

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Some of our clientele

success stories

We have been servicing some of the leading Sports Organisations, Government Departments & Local Clubs for last many years.

Holly passionately works with Australia's finest winter athletes through their rehabilitation and demands of international competition.

Australian Winter Olympic Institute

Belinda has worked for the last 7 years at every Grand Slam. Her role has included treatment, research and external athlete care.

WTA (Women’s Tennis Association)

Ben has worked for the last 6 years on the ATP World Tour. The job has enabled him to work with some of the best athletes in the world.

ATP World Tour

Belinda has recently undertaken a role as a regional physiotherapy provider to Australian Softball Athletes.

Australian Softball Regional Provider

Our therapists are skilled in treating patients with work-place injuries and have done extra training to be Early Intervention Providers

WorkSafe (Early Intervention Providers)

All of our therapists treat TAC patients and have done extra training to be Early Intervention Providers

TAC (Early Intervention Providers)

Our clinic is part of an occupational return to work network of some of Australia's best rehab providers.

Injury Net

Provider to DVA clients. High quality care and ease with claim done by our staff.

Department of Veteran Affairs

Proudly Providing Physiotherapy Services to the GFL Football Div 1 Premiers of 2017

St Joseph’s Football and Netball Club

Assisting with treatment and rehabilitation to North Shore since the inception of our clinic

North Shore Football and Netball Club

We work with the LaTrobe University on student placement, marking of post graduate education and up-skilling our own education.

La Trobe University

We have a strong relationship with the centre that shares our address. We run many mutual programs.

Centre Court Indoor Tennis

Ben and Belinda are proud to be working at the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast in 2018

2018 Commonwealth Games

Belinda was invited by IOC to work at Rio for the tennis program and then later speak at the IOC Injury Prevention Conference in Monaco.

2016 Olympic Games


25 Aug

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Welcome to the very first blog entry on my new website! Being my very first blog I wanted to let you know why I have chosen to blog and how I came to practicing in the beautiful city of Geelong. I am really excited to broadcast myself through my website. In the digital age we […]

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23 May

Belinda presents at the 2017 MONACO IOC Injury Prevention Conference: Screening

In March Belinda went to Monte Carlo to speak at the International Olympic Committee Injury Prevention conference. This is a conference held every 3 years and was attended by 1200 Sports Medicine participants in 2017. The conference attracts the best Sports Medicine researchers in the world to present on current evidence based practice and research. […]

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05 Jan

The New Year – What it means for a professional tennis player from a physiotherapist’s perspective

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