Belinda presents at the 2017 MONACO IOC Injury Prevention Conference: Screening


May 23, 2017

In March Belinda went to Monte Carlo to speak at the International Olympic Committee Injury Prevention conference. This is a conference held every 3 years and was attended by 1200 Sports Medicine participants in 2017. The conference attracts the best Sports Medicine researchers in the world to present on current evidence based practice and research. It was a huge honour for Belinda to present amongst leaders in Sports Medicine. Belinda presented on research of the Tennis Specific Screen, a 10 point musculoskeletal screen developed by the Women’s Tennis Association. This was well received and is promising research to identify potential injury risk and improve performance of athletes.

Why screen?

Prevention of injury is the cornerstone of Sports Medicine. Screening is one way injuries may be prevented by identifying a deficit in muscle strength or mobility and implementing an intervention or exercise program to reduce injury risk.

Screening is beneficial by:

  • Identifying risk
  • Identifying injury trends
  • Identifying musculoskeletal deficits
  • Developing injury prevention programs
  • Improving performance


What is screening?

Screening is a battery of musculoskeletal tests used in an attempt to identify any deficits in muscle length, strength, joint mobility, motor control or flexibility. When you see a physiotherapist they may perform a number of tests to identify these deficits and then implement an exercise program to get stronger, more nimble or active.


If you are an avid footballer, tennis player, netballer, sports man or weekend warrior aiming to improve your running or cycling miles or simply want to be healthy, a musculoskeletal screen may help you reach your goals whilst keeping injury free.

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