31 Oct

ACL injury update from the Sports Medicine Australia Conference

Our Physio Julia recently attended the Sports Medicine Australia Conference in Queensland and here is her summary on all the latest research around ACL injuries. Latest Research on Surgery VS Rehab Only for ACL Injury: Did you know that there is now research that shows not everybody is required to have surgery for ACL ruptures? […]

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13 Aug

Sprained ankle treatment; recover faster with this sprained ankle rehabilitation program

Most athletes at some point in their career have sprained their ankle playing sport. It is a very common injury in sports with lots of change of direction, such as football and netball as well as jumping sports where there is a risk of landing on someone else’s foot such as rebounding in basketball. They […]

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12 Jul

Concussion in Sport: Can Rehabilitation help?

Concussion is a costly and potentially life threatening injury which is present in many contact sports both nationally and internationally. Emerging research is coming to light demonstrating the potential problems that can arise later in life after multiple concussions such as mental health issues, memory problems and increased risk of future concussion (Gouttebarge, Aoki, Lambert, Stewart, […]

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30 Mar


In 2018, the Federal Government announced plans to make certain natural therapies ineligible for private health insurance rebates including Pilates This will not effect group exercise sessions run by Physiotherapists or your Private Health Insurance rebate Private health insurers will continue to pay rebates for group exercise sessions conducted by a Physiotherapist providing that the […]

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06 Mar

Mobility for surfing

Stage 1: Mobility Surfing. It’s a sport which requires strength, power, agility and mobility all in one. In other words, to surf well one must be able to have the strength and endurance to paddle, the agility and mobility to pop up and position yourself, the balance to stay on your board all the while […]

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24 Oct

Meet your Summer Fitness Goals

Summer Fitness Goals = Endless Summer Fun As the weather slowly warms up, so does our desire to get outdoors and get moving. These 6 tips will ensure you get the most out of your training whilst staying injury free building your summer fitness. Get the right gear for Summer Fitness You don’t have to […]

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23 Oct

Running: smarter, better and pain-free

Run, run, run, the health benefits are plenty Running is one of the easiest and cheapest fitness activities to perform. Whether you are looking to kick start your health regime, run with your dog on the beach or train for a marathon, the health benefits of running are plenty. Unfortunately runners make simple errors with […]

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16 Oct

Netball Australia’s KNEE Program

Netball Australia’s KNEE Program     Research by the Australian Sports Commission has found netball to be the most popular team sport for girls in Australia (AusPlay, 2017). Knee injuries are the most common injuries sustained by netballers, with a staggering 25% of major injuries involving the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). To help combat this, […]

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16 Sep

Gardening Fitness for Geelong’s Spring From a Sports Physio

By Ben Herde – Sports Physiotherapist and avid Gardener September is a beautiful time of year in Geelong and The Surf Coast. Not only is there the buzz of the football finals,  there is also the end of winter and the return of warmer weather which is more inviting for getting outside and enjoying working in the garden. […]

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16 Sep

Pain in the tendon

Belinda is an APA Sports Physio has a strong interest in treating the difficult tendon. This is due to both her clinical involvement with the problem and her invested interest researching the area after being an invited speaker to both The International Tennis Medicine conference in 2016 and also last year at Tennis Australia’s Annual […]

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