06 Apr

Stretching & Mobility Program for Desk-Based Workers

Many jobs require many hours sitting at a desk as well as often a long commute via train or car with further sitting. On top of this in the current climate we are in with COVID-19 there are even more people working from home with less than ideal set ups so anything you can do […]

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29 Mar

What equipment you need to exercise at home with social distancing restrictions

Whilst we deal with all of the unprecedented health and wider flow-on consequences of the coronavirus epidemic it is really important we look after our health. It is well documented, exercise is so important for our physical, cognitive and emotional health. Whilst we are now more limited than ever to access health facilities such as […]

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22 Mar

Telehealth: What you need to know

In 2020 we are in unprecedented times. With the increasing requirement for social distancing, a telehealth consultation is an important option to continue your health care to treat your pain and injury. See this infographic to give you more insight into what a telehealth consult with your physio entails. Read our Telehealth blog for examples […]

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19 Mar

What injuries can we help you with via TeleHealth? 

Physiotherapy consults normally involve assessment, diagnosis and treatment/management  plans of an injury or niggle. The Treatment we chose to implement with each individual varies  depending on the individual and the latest research relating to that injury.     The different types of treatment include:  ●Education   ●Exercise and rehabilitation   ●Referral to specialist or GP or referral for Imaging such as X-Ray.   ●Load management plans (gym modifications, running programs, sports training  progressions.   ●Posture Correction  ●Hands on Therapy such as massage, dry needling and manipulation.     As you can see from the list above the only thing we can’t do over a virtual consult is the hands  on therapy but there is lots that we can offer so that your new niggle doesn’t get worse and you  can self manage or still continue to progress your current rehabilitation program so that your  current recovery does not stagnate or get behind.     Furthermore, over the past few years a lot more research has been put into the benefits of  strength exercise programs for treating many different injuries and that this approach is actually  more effective than hands on therapy!  For example most knee surgeons are referring those  with meniscal knee injuries to physio for strengthening programs rather than surgery, Knee and  hip osteoarthritis has had outstanding results in reducing pain and disability, improving function  and preventing the need for joint replacements and there is also a lot of evidence to support  exercise therapy for chronic back pain.     Below are some examples of specific injuries that we can help with via a Video Consult. The list  is not exhaustive and if your unsure we welcome you to give us a call or email and we can give  you the best analysis we can as to whether we can help you via a Video consult.       Example injuries we can help with via a Video Consult:  […]

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12 Mar

Say no to Groin pain this footy season Geelong

Groin injuries Traditionally groin injuries have been the nemesis of many sportspeople causing debilitating pain and limiting performance. Sports that are particularly vulnerable to this subcategory of injury are sports that involve multi-directional movements such as cutting, change of direction, lunging and kicking. This is concerning with the football and netball season around the corner. […]

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01 Nov

Which specific types of exercises are most effective at treating low back pain?

By Holly Lipson-Milner We have known for some time now that exercise is beneficial for low back pain yet the specifics behind which kind of exercise has remained unclear… until now. In the past few weeks, a systematic review with meta-analysis (one of the highest levels of evidence out there) examined the effectiveness of specific […]

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31 Oct

ACL injury update from the Sports Medicine Australia Conference

Our Physio Julia recently attended the Sports Medicine Australia Conference in Queensland and here is her summary on all the latest research around ACL injuries. Latest Research on Surgery VS Rehab Only for ACL Injury: Did you know that there is now research that shows not everybody is required to have surgery for ACL ruptures? […]

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13 Aug

Sprained ankle treatment; recover faster with this sprained ankle rehabilitation program

Most athletes at some point in their career have sprained their ankle playing sport. It is a very common injury in sports with lots of change of direction, such as football and netball as well as jumping sports where there is a risk of landing on someone else’s foot such as rebounding in basketball. They […]

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12 Jul

Concussion in Sport: Can Rehabilitation help?

Concussion is a costly and potentially life threatening injury which is present in many contact sports both nationally and internationally. Emerging research is coming to light demonstrating the potential problems that can arise later in life after multiple concussions such as mental health issues, memory problems and increased risk of future concussion (Gouttebarge, Aoki, Lambert, Stewart, […]

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30 Mar


In 2018, the Federal Government announced plans to make certain natural therapies ineligible for private health insurance rebates including Pilates This will not effect group exercise sessions run by Physiotherapists or your Private Health Insurance rebate Private health insurers will continue to pay rebates for group exercise sessions conducted by a Physiotherapist providing that the […]

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