09 Oct

East Meets West with Physio at China Open

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05 Sep

Weight Training – The ‘New’ Elixir to Healthy Ageing & Bones: Fact or Fiction?

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21 Aug

Let the Games Begin….. Rio 2016

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19 Jul

Struggling to get out of bed on a winter’s morning? Fear not: See how the Swedes capitalise on cold water immersion for recovery and vitality

This week Belinda is in the beautiful beach side town of Bastad at the Swedish Open, headlined by Australian Open Champion and Wimbledon finalist Angelique Kerber. This is a reprieve from the heat last week in Romania at the Bucharest Open. Despite the cooler weather in Bastad, the “Swedish Summer” sees many locals and athletes […]

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13 May

All Roads Lead to Rome – An insight from ATP Physiotherapist Ben Herde

The ATP Masters 1000 and WTA Premier Event at the Rome Open is a must-stop for the world’s most elite tennis players. Unlike most tourists who visit Rome, it isn’t the food, fashion and historic architecture that bring these guys here. The Rome tournament is the last major tournament before the second Grand Slam of […]

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06 May

Save your knee – work your butt off

Recent research indicates that hip strength is a predictor in non-contact ACL injuries. Click here to see the link: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/2664651…

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06 Apr

Why Rehabilitation Matters-From the Accident Site to Full Recovery & Where it Sometimes Goes Wrong

Undergoing injury rehabilitation is a huge ordeal and in many cases can be life-changing. It is amazing to think about how our bodies adapt to recoup to a normal existence. Nonetheless, there are still a large amount of barriers that can curtail a full recovery. Recognising these obstacles and addressing them with quality physiotherapy care […]

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04 Nov

Physiotherapy: Art vs Science?

I can remember back in my early days of physio school one of lecturers (Neil Tuddle) asking at Griffith University, ‘Is physiotherapy an art or science’? I thought at the time what a strange question to ask and what relevance does this have to me learning the skills of being a good physio. Looking back […]

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25 Oct

Geelong Weekly Physiotherapy Feature Article

This blog post I have linked a nice article that Julia Millard from Geelong Weekly wrote about me. http://issuu.com/theweekl…/…/gee-greatergeelong-20151015-iss

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