Falls & Balance Class

Our Physio led Falls & Balance classes offer an individualised strength and balance program within a supervised group environment. Falls and falls-related injuries are all too common in the community. At Grand Slam Physiotherapy, we are dedicated to providing the best outcomes for our clients. The research tells us that tailored, wholistic management improves strength, balance, and quality of life whilst minimising risk of falls. At GSP we offer group classes with a maximum of 4 participants, fostering a community-spirit whilst maintaining close physio supervision.

What’s involved?

  • An Initial 1:1 Screening Assessment to identify falls risks, discuss your goals, limitations and set you up with a tailored & individualised program
  • Twice weekly exercise sessions for twelve weeks
  • Two education sessions across the course of the program
  • This form of exercise incorporates elements of strength, balance, cardio, which are all preventatives for falls.

How to I get started?

  • Book your 1:1 assessment with one of our Falls & Balance trained physios
  • Chat to our reception staff about class availability and session times
  • You’re good to go!