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August 25, 2017

Welcome to the very first blog entry on my new website! Being my very first blog I wanted to let you know why I have chosen to blog and how I came to practicing in the beautiful city of Geelong.

I am really excited to broadcast myself through my website. In the digital age we live in it has never been easier to interact with our community. The confines are no longer limited to the people we interact with on a personal one-to-one basis. It’s amazing to consider that with the touch of your smart phone, tablet or PC you can instantly find an abundance of information from trivial facts, critical daily information or even insights of how the world around us is changing. So with this in mind, my aim is to deliver to you an insight into the sensational world of sports physiotherapy from my eyes. My blogs will cover many, many topics that will hopefully inform you, educate you, entertain you and hopefully be a blog that you can’t wait for the next one every time you finish reading it!

Before we go any further, I guess it’s very important to fill you in on a little bit about me, how I decided to make Geelong my home and what makes me passionate about Sports Physiotherapy. I grew up as a country kid and had the most amazing childhood whereby physical activity was my every existence and I loved every minute of it. Exercise was a huge part of my life whether this was helping my Dad on the farm, building cubby houses with my brother or playing organized sport with my school friends and even gaining some success as a handy middle distance athlete. Little did I know, not only was exercise fun but it was also fast becoming the foundation of a way of life for me.

As I grew older, exercise was a real enigma for me. It made me feel good, helped me make life-long friendships, made me competitive and set goals, made me curious where I wanted to explore everything about it. It also provided me challenges. There were inevitably injuries, disappointments but also ways to overcome this.

So for me it wasn’t really a difficult decision to become a Sports Physiotherapist. It was really a culmination of my interests. I worked hard towards what was required of me and had a lot of fun on the way. Sports Physiotherapy has given me plenty of opportunities in my life. I have worked with some amazing people (both staff and patients), travelled to the ends of the earth and feel like the profession offers me something unique each day where there is always something to learn.

The move to Geelong has enabled me to continue my love for a physical lifestyle. I live a very balanced life whereby there is a sense of community living in Geelong. It is also close to the beach and other fun outdoor activities but the city is also large enough that offers a clientele of a wide variety of patients. The clinic I work in enables me to continue my part-timework with the ATP World Tour treating some of the world’s best tennis players. Whilst I’m away my existing patients are left in the very capable care of some other great therapists.

Today’s post has been a little snap-shot about me. In my future posts I want to offer some great exercise and injury prevention tips, updates of what is happening in the latest research and development in sports physiotherapy and also some fun photos of clinic life and my travel on the tennis tour. Until next time, enjoy!