Andy Hague

March 18, 2024

GLA:D back is the latest program to improve chronic lower back pain, made by the same team in Denmark as the GLA:D hip and knee program which has been running successfully at Grand Slam for the past several years. Macquarie University in Queensland have partnered with GLA:D Back to bring this successful program to Australia and Grand Slam Physio are proud to be among the first back physio’s to offer this new effective treatment to Geelong, Torquay and the Surf Coast. 


Persistent lower back pain (lasting more than 3 months) and repeated episodes of lower back pain are very common problems affecting peoples day-to-day activities, participation in work and social activities. The GLA:D Back program in Denmark has already shown great results with improvements in participant’s symptoms and movement immediately after the completion of the program. These improvements in symptoms and movement are still maintained 1 year after the program. Other results from the program include:

  • Back pain reduction by 31%
  • Reduced medication use
  • Improved function
  • And 68% of participants achieve their personal goals

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The GLA:D Back program takes the latest international guidelines on low back pain management and puts in into practice. These guidelines are formed from the latest research in low back pain treatment. 

Initial appointment: Prior to commencing the group classes you will have a 1:1 assessment with your GLA:D Back physio at Grand Slam to determine eligibility, discuss the benefits of the program and tailor the exercise program to your needs. 

Education sessions: There will be two education sessions which explore the many factors that can contribute to your persistent lower back pain, help you be in control of their lower back and forms a good foundation for you to self manage your condition. 

Exercise classes: You will also start twice weekly 1 hour exercise and education group classes for a minimum of eight weeks (16 sessions total). 

Follow up appointment: Once you have finished the program you will have another 1:1 appointment with your GLA:D Back physio to assess your progress and discuss the best ongoing management plan.

GLA:D pyhsio grand slam physio
Exercises from the GLA:D Back program

GLA:D pyhsio movement grand slam physio


There are many types of low back pain and GLA:D back program is suitable for about 90% of back pain presentations. The GLA:D Back program is suitable for people with low back pain without a disease process or radicular referral into the legs. Your GLA:D Back trained physiotherapist at Grand Slam Physio will be able to assess and determine if you are eligible for the program, and will be able to suggest alternatives if you do not meet the eligibility criteria. The exclusion criteria include:

  • Pregnancy
  • Radiculopathy/ Nerve related leg symptoms
  • Under the age of 18
  • Serious injuries such as recent lower back fractures or tumours 


Please give our friendly admin team a call on (03) 5277 2151 to book in your initial 1:1 appointment with one of our GLA:D Back trained physiotherapists or to book an appointment in Geelong click here or Torquay click here. Also it is suggested to wear clothes that you would be comfortable moving in, as this appointment will involve movement assessment and practicing your individualised GLA:D Back exercise program.


Andy Hague is one of Grand Slam’s certified GLA:D Back physios. Andy completed his Bachelor of Health Sciences and Master of Physiotherapy Practice at La Trobe University Bundoora in 2017. 

He has experience in a variety of physiotherapy areas including private practice, aged care and sporting teams. Andy has completed further studies in dry needling, Clinical Pilates and FIFA Diploma of Football Medicine. He has a passion for treating people in a holistic way through listening to their problems and story in order to meet their goals. 

To read more about Andy click here or to book online click here.