Hip Mobility for the Surfer

Holly Lipson

July 20, 2020

Hip Mobility for the Surfer

Following on from our previous Blog around thoracic mobility for surfing, another key element to staying injury free in the surf is maintaining excellent hip mobility.

As a surfer, hip mobility is key from sitting on your board, to your pop up and finally allowing you to get into your bottom turn and cutback. No matter what kind of craft you surf, good hip joint movement is key.  Without it, you run the risk of loading up and injuring your lower back and knees. Below are some surf specific exercises which can help with improving and maintaining hip mobility. If you have any past or current injuries to the hip or knee always consult with your physiotherapist to see if these are suitable.

Hip Flexor Stretch:

  • Tuck your hips under (avoiding in arch in your lower back)
  • Then sink down into a low lunge and gently lean forward so that you feel a stretch at the front of the back leg. 
  • For an extra strong strong and more rotation check out the video below of Holly completing a lunge and rotation drill. 

Dynamic Hamstring Stretch:

  • Using a powerband or resistance band hook the band under your foot and then straighten your knee and flex your hip to a comfortable position. 
  • Then dynamically bend and straighten your knee into and out of the hamstring stretch. 
  • See the video below of Holly demonstrating this stretch. 

Check out Hollys surfing hip mobilty videos below! 

Surfing hamstring dynamic stretch

Hip mobility drill


Lunge and rotation drill


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Holly graduated from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Health Sciences and Masters of Physiotherapy Practice. She recently finished her Graduate Certificate in Sports Physiotherapy and is in her final stages of completing her Masters in Sports Physiotherapy. Holly also works with the Australian Olympic Ski Institute as a physiotherapist travelling to international ski and snow sport events.