Bike fit physio cycling assessment:

A cycling assessment is completed by a certified Bike Fit physio. This involves assessment of your bike, body and cycling technique with the goal of improving your efficiency, performance and improve how you move. Ben is Bike Fit certified.

Why have a bike fit?

A bike may be performed to improve your speed, comfort on the bike, performance or to assist in an injury such as pain in the knee, back, hips, or tingling in the hands.

What does this bike fit assessment involve?

  • A thorough history of your injury and loading or cycling history
  • An assessment of your body and specific measurements related to cycling
  • An assessment of your bike and how you fit on your bike
  • A video assessment
  • A thorough plan to improve your comfort, performance and bike set up, which may include recommendations for changes to the way your bike is set up, hands on manual therapy treatment to improve joint mobility or musculoskeletal length and an exercise program to improve any deficits in strength and control/ mobility that you may have

A rebate is available for a bike fit cycling assessment if you have extras cover with your private health insurer.