Need a Geelong & Torquay Hip and Groin Physio?

The Hip and Groin is another key interest area of many of our Physios. It is very prevalent in our community with a high incidence of groin and hamstring injuries and strains in footballers. Hip dysplasia typically presents in younger age-groups; Greater trochanteric pain syndrome (or gluteus medius tendinopathy) is more common in middle age populations and hip osteoarthritis is more common in veteran athletes and older populations of the general community.

This area of the body is very reliant on balancing strength imbalances around the pelvis. Our groin and hip physiotherapists use strength dynamometry testing and have carefully structured rehabilitation plans to address the issues identified. Manual therapy such as massage, dry needling and joint mobilisation may be treatment options used by our groin and hip physios to address pain, muscle or joint stiffness/ restriction and imbalances.

GLA:D (hip/knee) classes are the first line of treatment for knee and hip osteoarthritis. The program significantly reduces patient perceived pain and has become a pathway to delay and even avoid the need for joint replacements. We also offer Clinical Pilates classes and our strength and conditioning rehab gym can also meet your injury needs by our Physios and/or Strength coaches addressing any individual deficits in strength, motor control or mobility and writing and supervising tailored progressive exercise programs.

Common hip and groin injuries we treat but not limited to include:

  • Hip osteoarthritis
  • Groin pain
  • Pubic pain (osteitis pubis, pubic stress reaction)
  • Adductor injuries (adductor muscle strains, adductor tendinopathy)
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Femoroacetabular Impingement/ FAI syndrome (hip impingement/ CAM deformity/ Pincer deformity)
  • Hamstring injuries (hamstring muscle strains, hamstring tendinopathy)
  • Greater Trochanteric Syndrome (bursitis/ Gluteus Medius tendinopathy)
  • Quadriceps injuries (quad muscle strains, quad tendinopathy)
  • Hip flexor injuries ( Hip flexor muscle strains, hip flexor tendinopathy)

To see one of our hip or groin physios book online at our Geelong or Torquay clinics.