Myotherapy is a healthcare profession that focuses on optimising the function and performance of the musculoskeletal system (muscles and myofascia). 

If there are any symptoms or dysfunction present, treatment aims to normalise sensation and function for the patient. Additionally, where there is no symptoms present, management aims to optimise function, movement and performance. 

What can Myotherapy help with?

Myotherapy can help with a wide variety of musculoskeletal pain presentations and associated conditions such as:

• Back pain

• Neck and shoulder pain

• Sports injuries

• Tendinopathy

• Low-grade muscle strains

• Headaches

• & many more conditions 

What techniques does a Myotherapist utilise?

Throughout your Myotherapy consultation, your therapist will discuss with you a variety of treatment options to address your presenting problem that may include any of the following:

• Massage therapy

• Dry needling

• Joint mobilisation

• Muscle energy techniques 

Myofascial release
Dry Needling