Pregnancy Pilates Classes

Our Sports Physio led pregnancy/ Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates classes offer individual programmed exercise. Our Physios are also trained in Clinical Pilates. Our classes focus on gentle whole body exercise to improve muscle strength and endurance, modified to suit your stage of pregnancy. We utilise both mat based and reformer based exercises.

It is recommended you remain active throughout the course of your pregnancy. This is important to maintain muscle strength, reduce your risk of developing gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia, improves mood, and helps with healthy weight gain. See our blog for more benefits of exercising during pregnancy.

The class is held in our clinic gym and runs for 45 minutes. The classes will be small groups of 4-6 women at different stages of pregnancy. To participate an initial consultation with one of our physios is required, please book an Initial Prenatal Exercise appointment. Here they will determine if you have any concerns or particular goals, what your strengths and weaknesses are, and what level of exercise you are at.

You may be asked to complete a questionnaire to determine your readiness to complete exercise. Your obstetrician may be able to assist with this.

We encourage you to wear comfortable clothing that allows your body to move freely. We ask you to bring an exercise mat and water bottle, other small equipment and resistance bands will be supplied.

For Postnatal classes we recommend you wait to review with your Obstetrician/ medical practitioner at 6 weeks prior to reviewing with our Physio.

Call today for an initial consult to assess your needs. Your initial appointment will include a thorough screen, real-time ultrasound (if required) and development of an individualised program specific to your needs. Repeat bookings can be made online. All sessions have potential to receive rebate through your private health insurance fund.