Strength & Conditioning

Regardless of your age or previous physical fitness attributes, Grand Slam Physiotherapy can help you lay a platform to become stronger, prevent injuries and feel better with your day-to-day living through specific strength and conditioning programs

We are passionate about implementing exercise into people’s health care and lives. We believe physiotherapy needs to evolve to be inclusive of strength training. Specific to musculoskeletal conditions, evidence shows that improving the quality of your movement as well as your strength can help to reduce pain and dysfunction and improve bone density as well as have positive effects on your, sleep, mood and memory (Howe et al., 2011; Youngstedt, 2005; Mang et al, 2013; Greenwood & Fleshner, 2008).

Grand Slam Physiotherapy has a state-of-the art, fully equipped facility with everything you need. It doesn’t matter whether you have never exercised before or you’re hoping to perform as an elite athlete. Grand Slam Physiotherapy staff can give you the confidence to exercise to positively improve your health.

We offer many different programs including specific one-to-one programs or classes.

All of our staff have extra qualifications and training in exercise prescription. Ben and Belinda are both certified Australian Strength and Conditioning Association Level 1 instructors and have both completed post graduate Exercise Science degrees. 

Additionally if you are one of our Physiotherapy clients, the gym is available for use independently (under supervision).