Stretching & Mobility Program for Desk-Based Workers

Julia Allan-Goodwin

April 6, 2020

  • Many jobs require many hours sitting at a desk as well as often a long commute via train or car with further sitting. On top of this in the current climate we are in with COVID-19 there are even more people working from home with less than ideal set ups so anything you can do to reduce the tension and load on your muscles and joints is key!
  • Posture and work station ergonomics are the first place to start which you can read more about on our previous blog here.
  • Otherwise the next phase is trying to counteract the long hours the hips are jammed up with the hip flexors getting tighter and tighter, the upper back is less than well supported which often leads to a stiff upper back and tight neck muscles.
  • We have designed this stretching program to help offload all of these areas to help reduce lower back pain, upper back and shoulder pain, forearm and wrist overload, neck pain and headaches.
  • You can complete the program in your home after a long day at work, in the office at the desk or in a communal space or during your working day home if that is your current situation.
  • For the full program download the PDF attachment here and you can print the program and have it close by to your work station.


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