23 Dec

Can I run with knee osteoarthritis?

New evidence to challenge old ideas… Long has there been a negative association between osteoarthritis (OA) and running – with common assumptions including running being a cause of knee OA, as well as running being a cause for provocation of symptoms. This blog will look to explore these ideas and give you a greater understanding […]

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16 Sep

Pain in the tendon

Belinda is an APA Sports Physio has a strong interest in treating the difficult tendon. This is due to both her clinical involvement with the problem and her invested interest researching the area after being an invited speaker to both The International Tennis Medicine conference in 2016 and also last year at Tennis Australia’s Annual […]

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11 May

Run, Run, Run…. The health benefits are endless.

Running is one of the easiest and cheapest fitness activities to perform. Whether you are looking to kick start your health regime, run with your dog on the beach or train for a marathon, the health benefits of running are endless. Unfortunately runners make simple errors with their training and end up injured. Here are […]

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