What equipment you need to exercise at home with social distancing restrictions

Ben Herde

March 29, 2020

Whilst we deal with all of the unprecedented health and wider flow-on consequences of the coronavirus epidemic it is really important we look after our health. It is well documented, exercise is so important for our physical, cognitive and emotional health.

Whilst we are now more limited than ever to access health facilities such as gyms it doesn’t mean that we have to stop exercising. All you need is some bare minimum exercise equipment.

I have listed some ideal equipment for nearly every workout as well as some optional extras.

Equipment for exercising at home

Bare Minimum :

  1. Exercise mat
  2. Moderate resistance band (red or green theraband)
  3. Heavy resistance band (blue)
  4. 1kg hand weight/dumbbell
  5. 5kg dumbbell
  6. Platform/step (or sturdy chair) to do a step-up
  7. Mirror

Extra Equipment to push yourself and to make work-out a little more interesting:

  1. Suspension (TRX) trainer
  2. Slide discs
  3. Swiss Balls
  4. Kettle Bells (6, 10 and 15kg)

Click HERE  for a small clip of the different situations we would use the different equipment

If you need some guidance with your home exercises or want a plan we are now conducting Telehealth consults. We are also running online Pilates and strength sessions. Please call 52772151 to book or ask any questions about how it all works.

Furthermore, I must stress that this isn’t a long-term solution to replace gyms. Gyms have the broadest range of exercise equipment to enable the most complete outcome.  Also gyms and all exercise facilities (Personal training studios, cross-fit boxes etc.) are essential in our society and we will need to support them more than ever as soon as the world returns to normal.

TRX/ suspension trainer pistol squat

Hip abduction with resistance band

Slide disc skater