Sports We Work With

Grand Slam Physiotherapists pride themselves on delivering the highest level of sports physiotherapy through both their training and experience at the most elite level. We have worked at the Olympics, World Championships, Grand Slams and National Championships as well as developmental pathways in elite and non-elite local sport in Geelong.
No matter what sport you love to play and whatever level you are we can help you with your injuries and performance.

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Belinda and Ben have worked with the best players in the world for the majority of their career. They travel the world with the ATP Tour and WTA seasons, Grand Slams and Olympic Games.
Belinda has published several articles in the prestigious British Journal Sports Medicine and been a guest speaker at the International Olympic Committee Sports Medicine Conference.
Ben and Belinda also continue to work locally with Juniors. They apply their expert knowledge of treating injuries and also injury prevention and sports performance through screening and preventative programs. Grand Slam Physiotherapy is the Strength & Conditioning provider for Barwon Sports Academy and has a tennis specific strength and conditioning and agility programs.


The Physiotherapists at Grand Slam Physiotherapy have worked with AFL, TAC Cup, VFL, NEAFL and Indigenous All-Stars Teams. They currently are the team physiotherapists for Geelong Football League clubs- St Joseph’s, Leopold & Newcomb. They play an integral role with recovery sessions and injury management. They have a good working relationship with strength and conditioning teams. Andy also works at the Western Bulldogs.


The Grand Slam Physio team work regularly with some of Geelong’s finest triathletes. They are skilled in getting these athletes ready for some of the most grueling events including Ironman events. Grand Slam Physiotherapy is the preferred physio provider for Beckworth Racing.


Julia has an extensive history working and playing in netball. Julia has worked with the Junior Victorian sides at Nationals as well as the Australian Netball League side, Victorian Fury, for two years. In 2018 she worked in the physio team with the Collingwood Magpies netball side.
We are also proud to be certified Netball Australia Knee Prevention providers. This ground-breaking program identifies the risks of knee injury from playing netball. It reduces the risks with a program that implements strengthening, neuromuscular control and functional exercises that can be used by local netball clubs. We are able to come to your club and teach the program to coaches and players.
Ben has also worked with teams at the national championships.

Skiing & Winter Sports

Grand Slam Physiotherapy is extremely lucky to Holly on board who combines her passion of skiing with her wealth of experience of looking after some of Australia’s most elite snow sport athletes.
Holly has worked for the last 4 years with the Australian Team through the Olympic Winter Sports program.
Before you head up to the mountain next winter do yourself a favor and touch base with Holly for a strengthening program. You will decrease your risk of injury, perform better and feel amazing.


The team at Grand Slam Physiotherapy work closely with many cricketers in the Geelong and Surf Coast region. They are experts in all areas of that complete cricketers as athletes including: low-back care, throwing performance and soft-tissue injuries.
Grand Slam Physiotherapy conduct screenings/recovery sessions at clubs in the local region.


Treating swimmers is an area that Grand Slam Physiotherapy are passionate about. This comes from there special interest in treating shoulders. Grand Slam Physiotherapy works closely with Geelong Swimming’s highly-esteemed coach, John Beckworth and regularly look after the athlete care of Geelong Swimming athletes.


Grand Slam Physiotherapy show high expertise in looking after the running athlete. They are well skilled in lower-limb bio-mechanics and strengthening. They can provide you with a video running assessment on a treadmill. With this they can analyse your running pattern and give you advice on how to improve your running efficiency which will improve your performance and decrease your injury risk.
Additionally, the team at GSP run regularly themselves and competed in half marathons, marathons and junior national championships for athletics.


Whether you call the sport Soccer, Football or The World Game we have your needs covered. The physios at Grand Slam Physiotherapy have worked in State League competition and have extensive professional development in football sports physiotherapy. Of particular note, is their strong interest in lumbo-pelvic, groin and hamstring injuries. Andy is the head physio with the North Geelong Warriors.

Baseball Pitcher

Baseball & Softball

The overhead athlete is one of our favourite sub-groups to treat. Baseballers are no exception to this.
We regularly treat some of Geelong’s best up and coming Baseball athletes. Belinda is on the preferred physio regional provider network for Softball Victoria.


Geelong and The Surf Coast is fortunate to have some of the best surf breaks in the world on its footstep. With this there is a high number of elite surfers and enthusiast alike. We cater for all surfer needs having a special interest in shoulders, back care, flexibility and proprioception for the surfing athlete.

Cross Fit

Cross-Fit’s growth has been incredible since it first burst onto the scene in 2000. We are big advocates of what Cross-Fit has to offer as it promotes healthy living through strength training principles. However, like all sport there is a small element of injury risk if your body is not capable to meet the demands asked upon it. We have developed close working relationships with local cross-fit coaches where we can suggest changes to athlete’s training so they can rid their injury and continue with the sport.


Julia worked with the Australian Mens Volleyball team (the Volleyroos).


Following rowing at school, Belinda coached school girls rowing. Grand Slam also works with local rowers and rowing clubs.

Martial Arts

Mimi has worked extensively in martial arts including with Judo and Jujitsu. Grand Slam Physio also works locally with taikwondo athletes.


Mimi is a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Level 1 and Medical 2 certified physiotherapist and has particular interest in helping golfers of all levels; let her help you achieve your best physical function today. A TPI assessment will help you identify your physical restrictions/ weakness and how it relates to your golf swing.

Bike Fit

A cycling assessment is completed by a certified Bike Fit physio. This involves assessment of your bike, body and cycling technique with the goal of improving your efficiency, performance and improve how you move. Ben is Bike Fit certified and can answer any queries you may have.